Premium Liquids - Thanks For Vaping


Halo E - Liquid

You demand quality and consistency in your E-liquid, and we provide it. Every bottle of our E-liquid comes with best-by dating, trackable lot numbering, and child-resistant caps. When you purchase Halo or eVo, you know you’re getting premium American-made E-liquid.

Seduce Juice E - Liquid

Seduce Juice was conceived in late 2012 in Charlotte NC. After years of vaping and creating our own eliquids, we set out to offer our creations. After hosting several vaping parties, extensive research, and countless hours of trial and error, we had created the most delicious juices ever.

5 Pawns E - Liquid

We decided to start with five complex and sophisticated flavors. Additionally, there are five traditional tastes known to man; sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (which is described as savory). Our offering has a flavor that satisfies one of each of the five tastes. Hence the name Five Pawns.

Suicide Bunny E - Liquid

Suicide Bunny was born out of love. Pip Gresham created Suicide Bunny as a way for her husband to finally kick his smoking habit. They both had tried vaping to quit smoking. Pip was having more success than her husband but did not want to see him give up.